Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Okay, so my neighbors have really gotten into the Halloween decorating this year.  I’m not so much into the fake spider webs and gianormous ghosts and zombies hanging from trees- it’s all a little sadistic for my taste… I prefer something less gory and more fun and crafty!  So, I decided to make a little wreath for my front door in Halloween colors.  Behold:

(sorry for the crummy lighting, I just couldn’t get a crisp great picture, but you still get it!)

So if you want to make your own, it’s pretty simple, here goes:

  1. Wrap foam wreath in ribbon (I chose black).
  2. Attach little do-das and such to one side (I chose a black small feather boa and some glittery balls)
  3. Make the “flowers” for the other side:

Making the flowers was pretty easy.  I started with 3 silk gerbera daisies (2 black and 1 orange).  Added some ribbon curls onto the back and front, a little round cut out of some scrapbook paper and bam!  On one I also added some of the leftover boa to give a little variation.

     4. Add some ribbon and tie in a bow to the door knocker or wreath hook!

Since it's not waterproof in any way, I put it between my main door and storm door.  I wouldn't suggest hanging this where it can be rained on...

Pretty easy craft! I think I’m going to try something similar in Christmas colors when the time comes.   

Sunday, October 9, 2011

10/9/11 Trip to CVS!

So, I’ve decided that CVS is officially da-bomb!  Not only do they regularly have great sales, but they tend to have things for cheaper than at the grocery store, Target, etc!  Last week’s P&G Brand Saver insert had a TON of great deals and many of them coordinated with the CVS sales of the week.  Here’s what I got:

CVS 4pk D batteries- $6.79 on sale for $3.99

CVS Tissues (1)- $1.99 on sale for $0.88 (over half off!)

CVS 20ct fabric bandaids- $3.59 on sale for $2.69

Neutrogena face products current buy one get one 50% off:
Naturals Facewash- $7.99 less $2 off P&G coupon= $5.99
Neutrogena lip balm- $3.49 (50% off= $1.75) less $1 off P&G coupon= $0.75

            Pressed Powder- $7.99, Powder Blush- $4.99, Professionals Mascara- $5.99
= $18.97 less $8.00 off 2 covergirl face P&G coupon, $3.00 off $10 cosmetic store coupon, $3.00 Covergirl Professionals store coupon.
=4.97 total!

Tampax Compak (2) -$7.98 less BOGO P&G coupon and $1.00 off= $2.99

Vasoline Lotion (1) 24.5 oz= $6.89 plus (1) 10oz FOR FREE ($3.39 value)! Thanks to P&G BOGO coupon

Crest Complete Toothpaste 4oz= 3.89 less $2 off coupon= $1.89

Grand Total before coupons: $64.88
Grand Total after sales/ coupons: $31.04
Less Extra Care Bucks rewards to use: $5

Final Price= $26.04 (plus tax)

WHOA! That’s about a 60% savings

When I was done at CVS, I ran across the street and spend $4.20 on some Halloween decorations and trinkets at Dollar Tree.  Just over $30 spent and PLENTY to show for it!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Summery Spring Rolls

Summery Spring Rolls

So this is a combination of various recipes I’ve happened upon, modified to fit what I had in my fridge last night.  You could add and remove other ingredients as you see fit and easily make them vegetarian.  They are actually very easy to make, keep well for a few days, and can be made with leftovers (as mine were).  I happened to have a cooked chicken breast and some leftover plan brown rice, so that’s where I started!  Here’s the rest of the recipe.  It makes for a really great lunch sandwich alternative!

Prepare the different pieces first and have them set up in a “station” so you can just go down the line and assemble quickly and easily!  Makes 6-8 depending upon the size!

In a small bowl, mix:
2 cups shredded chicken
1 Tbs rice vinegar
1 Tbs sugar
1 large carrot, grated length wise
season lightly with a dash of salt and pepper

Set aside in separate bowls:
1/3 cucumber, julienned
4 scallions, thinly sliced
¼ cup fresh cilantro, chopped (can use mint or basil as well)
½ c cooked rice (white or brown)
Boston lettuce (or butter lettuce is fine too if you’re grocery store is as unfancy as mine)

6-8 Rice papers (found in the Asian section of the store usually, or an Asian market)

2 Tbs soy sauce
1 ½ Tbs chunky peanut butter
2 tsp sugar

  1. Fill wide bowl with warm water.  Soak 2 rice papers for 15 seconds.  Remove papers and place on clean work surface.  Lightly pat dry with clean towel.

  1. Assemble roll in this order: 1-2 pieces of whole lettuce (or pinch of cut up lettuce), 1-2 Tbs chicken mixture, several pieces of cucumber, pinch of scallions, pinch of cilantro, 1 Tbs rice. (basically just divide up the veggies to about 1/6 their amount per roll, or more if you like.  I definitely went with an extra pinch of cilantro).

  1. Gently roll like a burrito (I guess this is basically the Asian equivalent of a burrito, right).  Place on plate and cover with damp paper towel while assembling the rest.

  1. If eating right away, you could drizzle sauce over mixture before wrapping, otherwise just set in a dish on the side to dip!

(I forgot to take a pic of my own, this is from the interwebs, but looks similar to my rolls)


You can make these ahead of time as well, just be sure to lightly wrap in a barely damp paper towel and store air tight in the fridge until you’re ready to eat!

I guess if you really wanted to go crazy, you could bake or fry these up as well, for that “traditional” (and by that, I mean the corner Chinese take out) version… but they are fabulous as-is and a heck of a lot healthier!  If you’re into spicy foods (I’m not so much), you could add some Asian chili sauce into the sauce mix and kick it up a notch!