Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rocked the Reno

Well folks, it was a labor of love... not so much for me, mostly for the guys who did all the work, haha!  Finally, some pictures of the finished work, though I do still need to get furniture for the room so it actually looks complete!  Check out the before & after views:

Left view before, where the w/d originally stood

Left view after, w/d are now beind the closet on the left and the door to the dining room has been taken out

Right view before

Right view after, new broom closet there on the right

Opposite side before

Opposite side after. Nothing changed here, just the paint color
 Not sure if you can see the coloring in the after pictures well, but the walls are a light grey (Silver Drop), the trim is a crisp white (Silver Dust), and the ceiling is a barely there blue (Coastal Fog) all from Behr.  The floor is a just painted tan, I'll put an area rug down later.  Picking out the paint colors for this room as inspired me to change up my whole house... though I haven't actually done any of that work, I'll save it for cooler days in the fall.  Once I get furniture in there I'll update the blog.

Gotta give mad props to Wes Barger and the BWB Construction team for the great work they did on what turned out to be the room of disaster!  If you are ever looking to do any renovations, repairs, etc definitely go with them!

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